Unlimited E-mobility as a vision

roadsurfing specializes in the development of products and product strategies in the light electric mobility segment. Modern mobility solutions need to integrate, next to the physical machine itself, digital management capabilities, new trends like share economy and the IoT (Internet of things). It also needs to account for direct marketing and sales strategies, which must be Implemented already at the early stage of product development.  This is the key focus of roadsurfing technology {“RST”). RST is the “one-stop-shop” that brings more than 25 years of global experience to the table. In these past 25 years the RST team was able to develop common values of trust, support and honesty among its suppliers, customers and its own team. Our philosophy always ranks quality before quantity and allows us to go the extra mile in this visionary future market.

The driving force (behind roadsurfing)

German Diplom- Ingenieur (FH) Stephan Hahn has been the partner for many bike and electric mobility projects across the industry. As a long-term developing and production partner to, i.e.  BMW and Porsche, his products and projects have won many awards ranging from IF awards, Extra energy awards to Shimano design contest. At the age of 25 Stephan already spend most of his free time in the rising “Bike-Mekka” Taiwan, where he developed both the important ties to the suppliers and partners as well as the ability to “translate” western engineering philosophy into Asian manufacturing results without losing vital information. Nowadays not only RST found its home in Taiwan, but also Stephan has settled down in Taichung and uses this strategic location as a benefit to all his customer’s projects. Today time to market is key. Being “next door” to all key suppliers, being able to sit down together on short notice and face to face and sharing the same time zone allowing same-day solutions is the competitive advantage to all of RST’s customers. We are standing by to manage or support the realization of your products. Please do not hesitate to ask for an introduction to our way of project management.

We start where others say “good (enough)”

Roadsurfing. Our name stands for exceptional product quality, lifestyle and unique service around all issues of electric mobility. Together with our team of global partners we represent trust, responsibility and accountability. Roadsurfing combines the fun of modern mobility in a unique way with premium standards. This philosophy is the foundation for sustainable success in the complete project hierarchy from suppliers to end users. Starting from design, development to production and sales of our Mobility products perfection is the key. We aim to offer perfect design, technology and service as well as the perfect integration of all three. This strategy has proven to be the guarantee for profitable growth and the highest level of customer satisfaction all around the globe.  
Most of our projects are customer specific and must not be disclosed. We honor the ideas and knowhow of our customers and consider this one of our key assets. Therefore, we will only show a small essence of our work below:

EC-bikes. the essence of cycling.

in 2016 a global team of industry professionals has started to develop the ultimate solution for urban mega cities. roadsurfing took the lead project management and has since developed both product and launch campaign for this unique new electric bike. The clock is ticking, time to market is little and launch date for “the Essence ECONE” is set for September’17. Follow the launch on

RUGGEDCYCLES. serious transport. smart solutions

Ruggedcycles is one of the leading providers of industrial mobliity. The combination of high quality “heavy duty” vehicles  combined with an internet based smart fleet management system convinces customers in the past 10 years. Wherever there is 24-7-365 none stop heavy duty application and breakdown is not an option, that is where ruggedcycles products feel at home. Roadsurfing designs, develops and produces exclusively all vehicles for this customer.  For more info go to www, 

F2. Touching the elements!

Since 1981 F2 gets people across the globe in touch with nature and the origin of life. In 2015 roadsurfing was part of the developing team to bring modern premium electric mobility to the F2 community.

Become part of it!

We are always reaching out to highly motivated engineers, designers and project managers. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced professional. All we request is a large portion of passion and a visionary mind.  Feel free to contact us:


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